Sailing Catamaran Aventura A44

With its modern hulls, specially designed to ensure stability during navigation and at anchor, a soft impact with the waves, lower fuel consumption and engine ranging from 80 hp to 200 hp , the Aventura 10 Power will satisfy the most demanding navigators.


Video of sailing catamaran new generation : Sailing Aventura 44

Modern, Luxurious and Performance

Signed by yacht designer Samer LASTA, the Catamaran Aventura 44 offers a very modern style with its streamlined and comfortable roof. Easily maneuvrable, stable, safe, comfortable and roomy with luxury amenties are the most important qualities. All at an unbeatable reasonable price.
The interior is beautiful, with a very bright owner’s cabin, plenty of storage space and even an office. The spacious and ergonomic saloon design incorporates the features and colors that made the success of Aventura Catamarans. Available in 3 or 4 cabins with 2, 3 or 4 bathrooms.

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Elegance and comfort

Behind the sliding doors is the large and safe cockpit with a table and plenty comfortable seating. Each hull has an integrated bathing platform with easy access to the water.

At the forward end of the catamaran we find large trampolines and deck space for relaxation and enjoyment. The sails are handled from the helmsman’s seat to the left side of the cockpit. From there is good visibility for maneuvers and handling the catamaran.¬†With its streamlined hull and standard high-end equipment, the Aventura 44 does not neglect performance for long-distance sailing.

Available in 3 or 4 cabins (optional), two bathrooms and many storages, the Sailing Catamaran A44 Power is the ideal companion for long and beautiful cruise .

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Sailing Catamaran Aventura 43 : Previous version of the A44.

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