Sailing Catamaran Aventura A34

With its modern hulls, specially designed to ensure stability and sailing preformance during navigation and at anchor, a soft impact with the waves, low draft and spacious for a 33″ feet catamaran with engine ranging from 14 hp to 21 hp , the Catamaran Aventura 34 will satisfy the most demanding sailors.


Aventura A34 : A new design

Aventura A34 : youtube

Sailing Aventura A34

Our A34 in “Voiles et voiiliers” Video

Co-boating aventura catamaran
Co-boating aventura catamaran

Aventura A34 : First Look Video by GlobeSailor

Essai Aventura 34

👌🏻 S I M P L E 👌🏻 ET EFFICACE Suivez Damien à bord de l’ ⛵️Aventura 34 ⛵️: essai en mer du bateau ET visite guidée ! Nous sommes conquis 😎 Il est déjà à louer sur le site de GlobeSailor ! #catamaran

Geplaatst door GlobeSailor op Maandag 23 april 2018

Modern, Luxurious and Performant

Our new A34 will take a special place in the catamaran range place thanks to its design and the preliminary study that was carried out by the partnership of our STGI / Aventura shipyard and Samer Lasta architect.
Designed for performance, with low draft and ideal width to explore new areas, the lines are resolutely fluid and tight with important glass surfaces openings and amenities that give pride of place to space and comfort

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Elegance and comfort

The interiors arrangements would satisfy the most advised sailors with a full and spacious navigation area, easy circulation, a kitchen with a large work surface and lots of storage space.

The cabins are spacious, well ventilated and offer all the comfort on board. The decoration is neat and luxurious with warm tones, high-end materials carefully made. The Aventura 34 will be your perfect companion for sailing. A large kitchen ans salon to allow a comfortable life aboard . Available in 2 or 3 cabins, two bathrooms and many storages, the Aventura 34 Sailing is the ideal companion for long and beautiful days of sailing.

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