About us – Coraly Catamarans

Aventura Catamarans in the United States. Our brand new fleet is composed of three catamarans : Aventura 34, Aventura 44 and Power 10. We are committed to provide catamarans with the highest levels of performance, modern désign, comfort and security.

Each boat is unique. Even on the series models. That’s why we take care to control and make you share all the stages of construction of your boat. We are here to answer all your questions. Knowing your boat is also knowing its construction.


STGi Marine Chantier Naval


“Shipyard for Aventura Catamarans, STGi carries out the maintenance and renovations all brands. Master in modeling operations, STGi also produces molds for other European shipyards.”

We love our work and it shows. With almost 20 years of experience in the sector, we know this environment as our pocket. We are ready to take on any challenge and we are 100% involved in all the projects we undertake.

With its technical and human skills, as well as its infrastructure ideally located on the Mediterranean basin, the shipyard STGi offers maintenance services or repair all brands, but also specific treatments such as preventive or curative osmosis.

Strategies and plans

Each client is unique. That’s why we customize each of our plans to your specific needs. Catamaran for personal, rental or professional use … whatever the project, we will listen to your requests and prepare a personalized plan.

Perfectly in control of modeling operations, STGi also produces parent parts and the manufacture of molds for pleasure craft from other European shipyards seeking quality and cost control.

Dream of a life or working tool, becoming the owner of a new boat is an exceptional project. That’s why each boat is unique and your satisfaction is our priority. This is our way of being and we are proud of it. For more information.

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